Christa Donner, "Grass Ritual"

CULTURAL REPRODUCERS is a creative platform, a web resource, an event series, and a community-based project founded in 2012 by artist and mother Christa Donner, with the increasing involvement of many others.


CULTURAL REPRODUCERS are an evolving group of active cultural workers (professional artists, designers, curators, musicians, performers, writers, etc) who are also parents.

CULTURAL REPRODUCERS is for anyone interested in making the art world a more inclusive and interesting place by supporting arts professionals raising kids.


If you'd like to participate in active conversations, share links, and more online, join Cultural ReProducers' closed Facebook Group, where you'll find more than 300 international members interested in this topic.


 Cultural ReProducers is a labor of love, NOT a funded organization. It's the product of countless hours of work done mostly after the kids are asleep, and like parenthood and creative labor it's mostly unpaid. If you value what we do, please help sustain our projects with a one-time donation or monthly subscription, below. No matter the amount, your support will help us keep going strong.

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We publish submissions linked to the combined theme of parenting + career in the arts. While we can't publish everything we get, we'd love to hear from  you. Send us your essays, residency reports, comics, videos, book/film/exhibition/music reviews, family collaborations, etc. You can also share relevant links directly with the community through our facebook group.

Want to get in touch? Write to culturalreproducers (at) gmail.com

Regular Contributors Include
Christa Donner  Founding Editor and Organizer
Catherine Harrington Editor and Organizer, Cultural ReProducers Tokyo
Selina Trepp
Thea Liberty Nichols
Christina LaMaster